The Treasure of the Nibelung, © 2017
C-print, rhinestones, 100 x 150 cm

Rainbow or the Ascension Concrete Art, © 2016
370 colored threads, wood panel, Variable dimensions

Monochrome bleu de Rothschild, © 2016
Glass painted on the backside with cobalt (II) chloride, 100 x 150 cm
The color of the glass (cobalt chloride) changes with the humidity and temperature. When it is rainy the glass changes to pink; when it is cloudy to violet and when it is sunny to blue.

Looking for Persephone, © 2013
C-print with burns, 77 x 114 cm

Notre Dame de la Garde (La Bonne Mere), after Paul Signac, © 2011
Perforated c-print, loose confetti in the colors of the image, 95 x 122 cm

The House of the Atlanteans (after Hermann Finsterlin), 2010
PET water bottles, plastic bottle caps, books on utopias, etc., Approx. 450 x 350 x 330 cm
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THE BIRDS • series ⇢
The Birds II, © 2010, Images of the Holy Spirit taken from old-master paintings and engravings, pinned onto a c-print: still from the Alfred Hitchcock film The Birds, inkjet print, Diptych, each picture 88 x 140 cm

Zeige deine Wunde – nach Joseph Beuys (Show Your Wound – after Joseph Beuys), © 2008
Confetti taken from Saint Sebastian´s wounds in the piece „Project for a Fountain of Dancing Tears“ and pins on paper, 45 x 30 cm

TRUE! — nervous — very, very dreadfully nervous I had been, and am; but why will you say that I am mad? (after Edgar Allan Poe), © 2008
Red straws, polyester, variable size

Günstiger als Gursky (Cheaper than Gursky), © 2008
C-print, Two pictures each: 150 x 280 cm

Echo, © 2008
Printed garland, approx. 18 x 18 x 300 cm

Con penas ni gloria, © 2008
Perforated color cardboard silhouettes from old-master paintings of Saint Sebastian, confetti in the same size and color as the perforations, dimension variable

33 tremendas tristezas (33 Tremendous Sadnesses), © 2008
C-prints on aluminum, nylon threads, plumbs, approx. 160 x 400 x 70 cm

Leap into the Void (after Yves Klein), © 2008
Reproduction from Yves Klein´s photograph „Leap into the Void“, punching machine and confetti in the shape of Yves Klein, colored papers, dimensions variable

Melencolia A.D., © 2007
Straws, approx. 282 x 250 x 250 cm

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Experience Utopia, © 2005
Empty food packages, original works from the Bauhausarchiv of the Akademie der Künste (Bruno and Max Taut, Hans Scharoun, etc.), approx. 650 x 900 x 600 cm

Conceptual art, © 2001
Compilation of products and shops called „concept“, approx. 200 x 300 cm

Saint Sebastian, © 1996-2001
Print on sticking plaster, series of 45 different pieces, each one 32 x 16,5 cm